Delhi Public School Kashi


Annual Function 2023

Delhi Public School Kashi's Annual Day “ANUKRITI 16”, was a tremendous success, recognizing the united efforts of parents, teachers, and students. The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of the young students and emphasized the necessity of solid cooperation between the school and parents.

The echoes of laughter and the spirit of collaboration lingered as the curtains fell on this wonderful evening, setting the stage for another year of educational excellence and shared triumphs at the DPS Kashi annual function ANUKRITI 16.

The occasion was presided over by MLC Mr. Hansraj Vishwakarma & Guest of Honour Mr. Ayush Poddar PVC DPS Kashi.

Students put on a magnificent performance on the theme “one world, one family, one future (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam)”.

Rashtrapati Bhawan

The Students and Principal of the DPS Kashi were invited inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan by Hon'ble Droupadi Murmu (President of India) on November 14, 2023. The interaction left an indelible impression on the President of India and expressed her desire to visit the school someday. It was a nostalgic and an honoured moment for the Delhi Public School Kashi family.

Inter School Drawing Competition

Delhi Public School Kashi hosted a grand event 'Drawing & Painting Competition' under P. M. Shri Narendra Modi's 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' programme on 20th January 2023 in the school premises. The purpose of this program was to sensitize the young students about the upcoming program of Prime Minister and also to help students to remove the fear of examinations & take up exams with confidence.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” - Albert Einstein Science has become an integral part of the modern world without which the whole structure of the society risks a collapse. A science exhibition is an interface of science and society and it contributes towards creating awareness about science as well as creating enthusiasm in students. A Science Exhibition was organized on 15 October, 2023 at Delhi Public School Kashi Varanasi. The objective was not only to inculcate a scientific attitude and research- mindedness but also to enhance student’s interest in science and technology. The students showcased static and working models, which could be used for teaching and learning scientific concepts.


Delhi Public School Kashi aims to impart worldwide awareness and knowledge to children while educating them about Indian culture. This was the reason behind the immense enthusiasm and passion with which Dussehra was celebrated. The Dussehra festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and pleasure over melancholy.

English Debate

The Inter House English Debate Competition on the topic- Will AI technology lead to job loss or create new job opportunities, was held on 3rd August 2023. The students of classes VI to VIII rocked the show with their performances. Two students from each house participated in the show. One of each speaking in favour of and against the motion. The audience enjoyed it with full enthusiasm. It was a healthy competition where everybody got to learn something.

Independence Day

It took us hundreds of years to break the shackles of slavery. The people of our country celebrate this festival every year with great pomp and show. The main programme is celebrated at Red Fort in New Delhi. Besides, this festival is also celebrated in every city and town, in schools, colleges and universities. Like the other years, this year too our school celebrated the Independence Day with great zeal. The Celebration started with the morning devotion. The NCC cadets of our school escorted our Principal Sir to the main ground for flag hoisting and National Anthem. The Principal was the Chief Guest of the programme. All the students and the teachers saluted the flag and then sang the National Anthem. Our students collaborated with their teachers to put up a wonderful show of patriotism through song, dance, poems, speeches and skits.


The Janmashtami celebration was organized by the Pre-Primary & Primary wing of DPS KASHI on 6-09-23 with the aim of educating students about the significance of the birth of Lord Krishna's and promoting a cultural heritage awareness among the school community. The event was well attended by students, teachers and other members of the school. The tiny tots gathered enthusiastically, dressed in traditional attire, ready to immerse themselves into a joyous atmosphere. The assembly began with a chant of devotional hymns. Students from classes Nursery to V showcased their talent and enthusiasm through various cultural performances like dance, Shlok Chanting, religious hymns and devotional songs. The performances were centered on Lord Krishna's life, teachings, and stories from the Epic Bhagwat Puran.

Master Chef

“Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation—experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.” Cooking competitions are a thrilling way to showcase culinary skills and creativity. Recently, we at DPS Kashi had the opportunity to organize a non-fire cooking competition (MASTERCHEF CHAMPIONSHIP 2023) and witness some of the most talented chefs in action.