Admission Open 2024-25

Welcome to DPS KASHI



1-All academic lessons, activities, assembly and games as per the time-table/ daily schedule are to be attended.
2-In the classrooms and elsewhere in the Academic Block, students must maintain a learning environment. Students are expected to have respect for their peers.
3- School's policy on 'Leave' must be respected and is non-negotiable. Medical leave will only be granted by the Principal on the recommendation of the School Doctor.
4- Leave granted will only extend to two days, apart from the time taken for travel. In the case of a marriage, the invitation card must be attached. Leave must be applied for at least one to two weeks in advance.
5- Students are not allowed to keep or possess cell phones / Lap Top, SIM card etc. If found, will be confiscated and destroyed.
6-Boys must have a short hair-cut. Parents are to ensure that students have the appropriate hair-cut.
7- Nails must be cut regularly and kept short and clean. Girls will not apply any kind of nail paint and coloured lip balm.
8- Students are not allowed to colour, dye or bleach their hair.
9-No piercing on any part of the body . Sporting of tattoos is not permitted on any part of the body.
10-Students will wear neat and clean School uniforms and polished shoes at all times in School. Students must be decently dressed.
11-Parents must inform the School about serious medical conditions such as a recent surgery, allergy, asthma or any other important medical information.
12-Students are not allowed to tamper with fire-fighting equipment.
13-Parents are requested to personally supervise their ward's packing before the start of the Term. Banned articles, if found, will result in strict disciplinary action
14-The School Management may impose sanctions against a student or expulsion as may be deemed fit for the following offences.

  • **   Playing truant during classes.
  • **    Unauthorized mobile phone in one's possession.
  • **    Physical or verbal abuse of a fellow student.
  • **    Stealing.
  • **   Vandalism of School property.
  • **    Disrespect shown to a teacher.
  • **    Repeated disobedience
  • **    Repeated tardiness in following a School schedule
  • **   Returning late to School from leave or a vacation without permission from the Principal.
  • **    Breaking bounds.
  • **    Any other violation of code of conduct.
  • **   Possession of narcotic substances, alcohol, cigarettes.
  • **    Any other serious violation.

15-No vehicles, including motorbikes / scooters are permitted inside School except for those belonging to the staff (or their guests) and these must be registered at the Main Gate.
16-Violence against a member of the School community will not be tolerated.
17-Destruction or damage by a student to any School / another's property on the School campus will lead to strict disciplinary action.
18-The School has a 'Zero-Tolerance' policy towards any attempt to disparage another person's religion, caste, culture, social or economic background. No student will boycott another student socially or organize any such boycott.
19-Sports to be played with true spirit of sportsmanship. Aggression, fighting and use of abusive language will invite strict disciplinary action.
20- Discipline must be maintained in the school bus. Misbehaviour and fighting with students can lead to withdrawal of bus facilities.
21-It is expected that every student conducts himself in a manner that reflects favourably on the School and its insistence on the highest standards of courtesy. Courteous behaviour is the hallmark of a good education.